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    Ok, I know I should be in bed sleeping right now but as I drifted of I thought of something can came back.

    So here's the deal. I've got the Sony Ericsson W580i and have changed EVERYTHING on it I can. And what I mean by that is, I've changed the wallpaper to a 24 picture. I've also changed the ring tone to the CTU ring tone so it sounds like one of the phones from CTU. I've got that 24 digital gif file as my screen saver. Now, here's the tricky part. I've done my own editing on some audio files and I'd like to KILL the Rogers start up sound and replace it with the start up sound of 24. I'd also like to KILL the Rogers start up picture with the 24 start up digital look. And of course KILL the Rogers shut down picture and sound and well.. ya.. replace it with 24 themes.

    So, question is, IS there a way to kill the Rogers start up picture and sound and also the shut down picture and sound????

    Ok... NOW I'm off to bed. Can't wait to read all your thoughts when I wake up!


    See More: Removing Rogers Logo and sound at startup
    Sony Ericsson W580i
    Provider: Rogers (Canada)

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    Re: Removing Rogers Logo and sound at startup

    If You Want To Get Rid Of The Rogers Logo I Believe You Will Have To Debrand It

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    Re: Removing Rogers Logo and sound at startup

    how exactly does one debrand it>?

    as i too want to do the same

    i have a k790 and one of the buttons on the phone takes me automatically to the stupid rogers musicstore and or the internet, sometimes the key gets pushed on it own and i end up having to pay for not even using the internet

    is there anyway of changing this?

    please and thank you

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    Re: Removing Rogers Logo and sound at startup

    Debranding can be done at most cell phone stores.
    basically they unlock your phone for around $30 and then you can set ringtones, no Rogers startup music, logo, no rogers internet service, no rogers games and no rogers "buy my music".
    This does not take off the "ROGERS" Logo printed on your phone though.
    Basically what it does is put it back to what it was like before Rogers got the phone, so manufacturer style.

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