Im elgible for a Hardware Upgrade (Phone) for Rogers so im looking for a phone. I called the representative and she kept telling me how data phones are gonna dominate the word and how its only like 30$ more a month. And im like dot dot dot... So im wondering which phones do not require a data plan and is good. Im thinking of

-Sony Ericsson W705a (I believe it doesn't require data)
-Sony Ericsson C905a (I thought it doesn't but the rep said it did. So I tried to add it to my cart on the website and it did not require me to get data plan whereas the other phones that require data did)
-Sony Ericsson Xperia 1 (I think it requires data)

Suggest some others please. Would be great if it had
-Lots of downloadable apps

-Does Sony Ericsson C905A and Xperia 1 Require Data?
-Suggest some good phones that does not require data.

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