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    If you live in Canada and travel to the U.S., and you hate the roaming charges that is incurred on your bill, Rogers has officially announced the North American One Rate data roaming plans. If you are willing to pay an additional $10 per month, Rogers North America One Rate Data roaming plan will allow you to roam without having to pay a penny per Kb data roaming. Below are the plans.

    * $20 Personal Email on BB CDN/US
    * $35 Consumer/Small business BB (BIS) 500MB CDN/US Plan
    * $35 Consumer/Small business 500MB CDN & US Data Plan
    * $40 Consumer/Small business BB (BIS) 1GB CDN & US Plan
    * $40 Consumer/Small business 1GB CDN & US Data Plan
    * $45 500MB CDN & US Mobile Internet Flex Rate Plan
    * $50 DAP (for MSD customers) 1.5GB CDN & US Data Plan
    * $55 Corporate BB (BES) 1GB CDN & US Plan
    * $55 Corporate BB (BES) 500 MB CDN & US Flex Rate Plan

    This may be just the ideal plan for those who travel to the U.S. The next question is... when is Rogers going to do something about voice and SMS?

    via: ROGERS WIRELESS | Rogers Erases the Border for Frequent Wireless Roamers With New Low Cost North American Wireless Data Roaming Plans

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