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    I've been over charged by several hundered dollars EVERY MONTH for long distance when all the numbers are in My 10 ... Everytime I contact Rogers, I am fed a new and improved line of crap as to why this is and the loop holes they are using to get around correting the issue. Just wondering if there are any pending class actions happening? I hope so

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    Re: Any pending suits?

    I haven't found any class action suits.

    You didn't mention what contract you have, but is it possible that you were roaming when calling the numbers in your My10, or that the person you were calling was outside of Canada? In both cases it appears that you would be charged extra even if those numbers were in My10.

    From their terms:
    Unlimited local or Canada-wide calls (as applicable), Extreme Text/picture/video messages apply to 5 numbers or 10 numbers (as applicable) on MY5/MY10 list. Long distance or International long distance (as applicable), text to landline and roaming charges extra. Only 10-digit Canadian-based numbers eligible (excludes customers' own wireless number, voice mail retrieval number and special numbers like 1-800/1-900). One MY5/My10 update/month allowed. Excludes premium messages (roaming, international, alerts, contests and promotions). Other conditions may apply, visit rogers.com/my5 for details.

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