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    Hey guys... I have a Samsung S5, had it a few years through my work and until now, I've always just used it in the office, rarely on the road. In the town I live in (village actually) it's always been "iffy" and drops, sometimes I'd have to reboot to connect to anything. Always an issue, but again, rare I used it so whatever.

    Niece has gotten me into Pokemon Go, so we go out catching together. She has an older Samsung S4. Yesterday for example, only went out for 30min... he phone never dropped, mine dropped 8 times and takes forever to get a signal. Wave it about, walk around, reboot, toggle airplane mode on/off, etc... last week I wiped the phone out back to factory settings hoping that would help, and not sure if coincidence or not but almost swear it made it worse.

    Had enough, boss said about due for an upgrade, whatever is $0 on a plan type deal...

    What does Roger's have that's better than an S5 for signal strength?

    LG G7?
    Samsung S9
    Samsung S8 / S8+
    Samsung A8
    Huawei P20 / P20 Pro / P20 Lite

    Few others listed as well.

    Again, my niece has the previous version of the phone I have and dropping never seems to be an issue. Though she is with Koodoo not Rogers... not sure if that's the difference between dropping and not dropping? Hope not because I can't switch... I have seen a lot of posts abouut the S5's poor signal strength so, leaning towards that as being the culprit.

    Any advice? Thanks

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    The signal is only updated when there is a status report and its only the signal strength at that moment.

    I have one AT&T camera with the stock antenna that sometimes shows me 1 bar and sometimes shows me 5. I have a Sprint camera with a booster antenna that sometimes shows me 1 bar and sometimes shows me 5. Its working much better with the booster antenna a Covert, like yours than with the stock antenna but it still has its moments of not sending photos. Were in a poor signal area to start with and its roaming, which just seems to make things worse.

    Signal is transient.

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    Re: Best Signal Strength Phone

    You can try amplifiers [https://www.myamplifiers.com/en-us/ in case you need a signal booster. It helps a lot.

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