I have a perfect condition Treo 650 for the sprint wireless service. If you dont know what the treo 650 is, check it out at cnet.com

Heres what it comes with:

1. Perfect condition Treo 650
2. 2 cases (1 white silicone with wrist strap, one professional grade leather case)
3. San Disk 512 MB memory card
4. Car Windshield Mount
5. Jabra 250v (vibrating ear peice when calls come in) with new ear gels
6. Jabra Portable Charger
7. Software
8. USB cable
9. New Screen Protectors
10. Car Charger

This package has been invested with over $800. I am willing to negotiate, but am looking in the price range of $550 with shipping. Or, i am looking for a Samsung A800 Phone. I am willing to trade phones including $375. Email me at: [email protected] for pictures or if you would like to make an offer. Thank you!!
I only accept cash, or certified paypal payments

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