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    Hey everybody! Im looking for either a T-mobile Razr, or a samsung D-series phone. Look at the offer below, EVERYTHING goes towards the phone!

    -Windows Vista Beta and LongHorn Server Beta, actual copy from microsoft, 1 of 2500, comes with own product key.
    -Sony Ericsson T226
    (With charger, handsfree, manual, box, 2 faceplates)
    -T-mobile Sim Card
    -AMD Athlon 1800 (1.5GHz) Processor
    -Athlon AGP Graphics Card (VGA, RCA, S-Video Ported AGP Graphics Card)
    -Fadeproof computers and cellular tones, games, and graphics disk (Has tons of ringtones, graphics, and games for your phone)
    -Linux UBUNTU OS
    - Xbox, comes with all cords, 1 controler, 1 game (Dead to rights), 1 DVD Saw, 10 Pre-loaded albums

    ALL OF THAT goes for the phone

    Email: [email protected]
    AIM: rob42003

    See More: Wanted: T-mobile Razr or Samsung D-Series

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    dude, that's a lot of stuff!

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