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    Re: Sprint Sero Plan 500

    I have a $40 plan and a $30 plan for sale. The $30 plan has a $75 upgrade credit. email me if interested.
    [email protected]

    See More: Sprint Sero Plan 500

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    Re: Sprint Sero Plan 500

    PM me with an offer...

    I have a SERO 500 plan... When I signed up for SERO I recommended a friend do so also. She just finished her PhD and left the country. Instead of canceling her plan I did a TOL (transfer of liability) so I now have her line and plan. It comes with the $150 new phone credit as she never upgraded her Palm 755p.

    I was going to give it to another friend but when I contacted Sprint they claimed it can only be transfered to someone who ALREADY has a SERO line...

    If nobody is interested I am going to just cancel the line/plan as I don't need it and don't see the point of paying $30/month for something I won't use.

    I just hate to see it go to waste...

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    Re: Sprint Sero Plan 500

    Would love to get plan from you. I can be contacted at [email protected]
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Sprint Sero Plan 500

    I have this plan SERO Premium that allows any phone and unlimited gps for $40 a month. I'm considering selling this plan as I rarely use it and would like to go off the grid (addicted to technology). PM me or email [email protected] if you're interested.

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    Re: Sprint Sero Plan 500

    I have one Sprint SERO 500 line (F&F 500) for sale. Been out of contract since April 2010 and eligible for a full $150 credit towards a phone upgrade.

    Included features:

    * 500 anytime minutes
    * Unlimited Text Messages (SMS) and Picture Mail
    * Unlimited Data
    * Unlimited Nights & Weekends (Nights start at 7PM)
    * Caller ID
    * Call Waiting
    * America - Roaming
    * Three-Way Calling
    * Nationwide Long Distance
    * Voicemail

    I also have three handsets that could be sold separately:

    1) HTC TOUCH (used but good working condition with all accessories)= 50$
    2) HTC TOUCH DIAMOND (new in box) = 100$
    3) SAMSUNG INTEREPID (Wold Phone, Sprint + quad band GSM) : 150 (used but good working condition with all accessories)

    PM me with an offer or shoot a quickie, srschwab gmaildawtcom
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    Cell Phone
    Samsung Seek M350 Cool Blue

    Re: Sprint Sero Plan 500


    $30.00 Minimum Monthly Charge
    500 Anytime Minutes
    Nationwide Long Distance Included
    America - Roaming Included
    Unlimited Sprint Mobile to Mobile
    Unlimited SMS Text Messaging
    Unlimited Data Usage
    Caller ID
    Call Waiting
    Three-Way Calling
    One year left on contract.

    I am not a phone guy. You must know how to transfer the phone and arrange for the TOL. I will cooperate, but can add no knowledge. Make me a reasonable offer. If you want it I have a Samsung Seek 350 for sale in like new condition also.

    [email protected] surfbest.net

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    Re: Sprint Sero Plan 500

    I have a sero compatible phone that works with the $30 plan. Samsung epic or htc evo.

    PM me if you have any questions

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    Re: Sprint Sero Plan 500


    I am interested in taking over a SERO Plan if anyone is selling one. Either the $30 Plan or the $40 plan...

    Please message me if you have one for sale.
    Thank you

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    Re: Sprint Sero Plan 500

    Have a $30/month SERO Plan "Out of Contract" with 500 Min, Unlimited Text/Data, Nationawide/Roaming, & 7pm Unlimited Nights & other basic features.

    Family on another carrier and time to move on for me. If you're interested, please PM me with your offer, yes I actually need to ask for some Buck$.

    If this would be a good plan for you as is, or upgraded with a Spring iPhone or Android Smartphone, then please PM me with your offer. Yes I need to actually ask for some Buck$. I don't know the transfer details but understand that it's pretty straight forward with Sprint.

    I did mention it's the $30/month SERO & Out of Contract, right?

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    Gerald D
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