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    Hello there! (:

    Thanks for taking the moment to read this. I am looking to root/transfer - whatever the proper word is - someone's Verizon's contract. If you want out, I am more than willing to get in. If you are close to an upgrade that would be preferable, because we would like to get the iPhone 4S. If you have the iPhone 4s (two) then even better!

    Ideal plan: Family plan - low talk, unlimited messaging, data included (minimum 2GB) for $120-$140

    Basically, I am looking for a contract that runs between $120-140 monthly. I know that Verizon used to be cheaper upon a time ago and I'm looking to take that contract off your hand. If you have unlimited data, fantastic! If you don't and only have 2GB or whatever, no problem. I'm not that picky. I really don't want to go over the $140 monthly mark.

    If you're interested and have a contract to let go - contact me via PM, please. I would appreciate if you included the information below to save us both a bit of time. (:

    Contract: --/--/-- to --/--/-- [Add the date it began and will end]
    Reason: Financial, Personal, Other [Why you're giving up this service. No need to explain, I'm not nosy.]
    Contract Details -
    Minutes: Number of minutes in the plan
    Messages: Number of texts in the plan
    Data: Please, include the data that is offered per phone unless it is unlimited shared, etc.
    Phones: List any phones that may be included with this deal.

    Thanks so much!!!

    See More: [wtb] verizon contract - must have data!
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    Re: [wtb] verizon contract - must have data!

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    Re: [wtb] verizon contract - must have data!

    Contract: ends 5/2013 (both are actually up in August, but the rep told me we could upgrade in May)
    Reason: personal
    Contract Details - 1400 minutes (10 friends and family), pay as you go messaging (we use google voice), unlimited 4g data (grandfathered; so long as you buy your phones outright or used from a forum, you will keep the unlimited data. If you wish to subsidize your phone, you will be forced to go to the tiered plans)
    Minutes: 1400 (you can change this aspect of the plan as well as the details regarding the messaging and service extras without affecting your contract)
    Messages: Pay as you go
    Data: Unlimited 4g
    Phones: I have a Rezound (no headphones/box/manual, just the phone, screen protector and charger)

    I'd like $300 for the plans and the phone...we can discuss from there.

    Feel free to email me at moore.823 at gmail.com

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    Are you still looking?

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    Re: [wtb] verizon contract - must have data!

    still have the plan up for grabs?? Thx Joe

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