I Need out of my Verizon Wireless contract.

If you take over my 2 line plan I will give you both of the smartphones attached to the contract
(droid razr, droid incredible 2)

One line has the unlimited data package that you can no longer get, the other has the 2gb of data.

If you are looking at starting a Verizon contract this is a great deal because you do not have to pay any activation fees...
also you are getting 2 smartphones free

The process is very simple, I simply need your first and last name and phone number, I call Verizon and tell them you are interested in taking over my account, you then call a number I give you and tell them you are taking over the account.

**** Verizon does require you to have some sort of credit to not pay a deposit ****
**** So please have some sort of decent credit or be willing to pay the deposit ****

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