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    Shown at the CTIA 2010, the Samsung Galaxy S was one of the smartphones that unveiled some of their specs. One of the specs is that the Galaxy S will have a 1GHz processor with 90 million triangles/second making this handset run three times as faster then some of the other popular smartphones.

    The Samsung Galaxy has a thinness of 9.9 mm and comes with the following features.

    * Android 2.1,
    * 4″ Super AMOLED (which is 20% brighter and eliminates 80% of sunlight glare),
    * Social Hub,
    * 16 GB internal storage plus MicroSD capability
    * Document Editor
    * Remote Controller for Samsung TVs
    * Google Maps Navigation with Voice search and turn-by-turn (as well as real-time traffic updates)
    * Daily Briefing, a way to view your favorite widgets and info on one page
    * Wireless tethering (the presentation led me to believe that it broadcasts its own MiFi, instead of tethering via Bluetooth)
    * HD Movie Recording
    * Layar Augmented Reality Browser
    * allshare via DLNA

    via: #CTIA 2010: Samsung Galaxy S Specs and Hands-On » Unwired View

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