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    The Samsung Galaxy S is such a successful handset that Samsung has reported that over 10 million units have been sold since June of 2010. That turns out to equal about 40,000 units a day, 1.4 million per month within a 7 month time frame.

    2 million units have been sold in South Korea, 4 million sold in North America and 2.5 million sold in Europe.

    via: 10 million Galaxy S sold | Samsung Hub

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S sells over 10 million units

    I'm not surprised considering the blitz it had created in the market when it was launched. Samsung almost own the cell phone market now, other companies are trying very hard to catch up with them. With the Nexus S launch, they have only made it harder for other companies. Its quite surprising how Nokia which was at the top 2-3 years ago have almost stumbled on at the bottom. But the N8 has given them the much needed morale boost.

    Source: Samsung Galaxy S sells around 10 million units

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