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    It was only a couple days ago that we saw pictures of an alleged Galaxy S2, and now we have a baby-sized one thatís supposed to be its little brother. Supposedly this guy has a 3.5″ 320◊480 screen (probably Super AMOLED, to maintain the Galaxy style), runs Froyo 2.2, and has a 5MP camera on the back. Processor is listed as Qualcommís budget MSM7227. Model number is S5830, and itís quad-band with WCDMA support.
    The rectangular home button and general layout remind me of a sort of chubby, compact version of the reference Galaxy S. More pictures at Samfirmware and Tenaa. Supposedly itíll be shown off at MWC; weíll be there, so donít you worry. MobileCrunch

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    Re: Is This The Galaxy S Mini?

    I am never going to own a phone that huge branding on the front like Samsung does.

    It is really annoying after a while.

    Take a cue from Apple or HTC (even).

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    Re: Is This The Galaxy S Mini?

    check with timtechs.com They have different models and manufacturer's in line. and its unlocked.. that's where i purchased my Xperia.

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    TimTechs Search

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    Re: Is This The Galaxy S Mini?

    i would like to see some of it! keep us posted! cheerz!

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    this is helpful.. thanks!! good stuff!! cheers!

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