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    My wife has a about 2 month old Galaxy S Vibrant from T-Mobile that in the past week the battery has begun to last less than 12 hours. For example, yesterday she left the house at 8am with a full charge and the phone was completely dead by 5pm. She said she texted for about 10 mins and talked for about 20 mins. She's made sure all non-default apps are closed/not running. Is this normal? What could be draining it so quickly?

    I'm am also all of a sudden having the same problem, but I have a Motorola Blur, so I'll post about that on the Motorola board. The only commonality between our phones is that we both downloaded Words With Friends Free last week and began having this problem within a day or so. My battery went from 2 day life to less than 18 hours. It is also 2 months old.

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    Re: new Galaxy S Vibrant battery life

    see my answer in your other thread

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