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    Samsung Galaxy S II is not released over US AT&T network yet but 2 of its accessories photos are out. Samsung’s Singapore division just released 18 photos Galaxy S II Accessories on their Facebook page. There you find a nice black Desktop Dock for AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy S II. It is a pyramid stand with HDMI and 3.5 mm stereo sound jack out. There is also charger port and volume up/down button on the side of the dock. Price of this AT&T Galaxy S II Desktop Dock will be $68 in US.
    AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Accessories Photos out-samsung-galaxy-s-ii-desktop-dock.jpg
    AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Accessories Photos out-samsung-galaxy-s-ii-accessories.jpg

    Vehicle Dock for Galaxy S II design is also nice too. There is also a charger port there. Price of this Galaxy S II accessory is also $68.
    AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Accessories Photos out-samsung-galaxy-s-ii-vehicle-dock-design.jpg

    To View all the photos of new Galaxy S II accessories check the source page.

    See More: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Accessories Photos out
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