1. Customize Your Font

    You can download and install custom fonts for use on your Samsung Galaxy S2. Start by going to 'Settings Display Screen Display Font Style'. From here, you can select one of the existing fonts or click 'Gets fonts online'. You will be redirected to the Android Market where you can download any available font.

  2. Test for Dead Pixels

    If you are trying to inspect your screen for blemishes and dead pixels, enter Testing Mode by pressing *#0*#. This will illuminate the entire screen in one solid color and allows you to see any imperfections.

  3. Quick Sliding Access

    No matter what screen you are on, you can scroll your finger over the dots at the bottom of the screen to flip from screen to screen.

  4. Pinch Tabbing When Browsing

    When browsing a webpage, you can zoom out by pinching the screen and moving your fingers outward to see all of your currently open tabs. This is great for rapid browsing between tabs.

  5. Automatically Adjust Web Text

    When zooming in on a webpage, by default the Galaxy S2 does not automatically wrap the text to the screen. You can go to 'Settings' and check the 'Auto-Fit Pages' option to correct this issue.

  6. Easy Screenshots

    While many Android devices are difficult when it comes to taking screenshots, you can do so easily on the Galaxy S2 by holding down the home button and then holding the power button. They will automatically appear in your Gallery.

  7. Use and Access Multiple Homescreens

    If you are using TouchWiz on your Galaxy S2, you can have up to seven different homescreens. Access any or all of these by pinching out. This will display the homescreens from which you can quickly select.

  8. Faster Texting and Calling

    When selecting a contact, instead of making the selection and executing the call or text, try swiping left or right on the contact. When you swipe to the left, that places a call to the contact. When you swipe to the right, that opens up a new text message.

  9. Faster Dialing

    When the dial screen is active, type out the name of the individual you wish to call. It will automatically bring the name up from which you can select it and place the call.

  10. Easy Search Box

    Since the Galaxy S2 does not have a search box, there isn't a visible function to bring up the Search function. Long press the menu button to bring up the Search box on any screen or application.

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