You can retrieve new email messages from the Google Mail webmail service to your Inbox. When you access this application, the Inbox screen appears. The total number of unread messages appears in the title bar and unread messages appear in bold type.

  • This feature may be unavailable depending on your region or service provider.
  • This menu may be labeled differently depending on your service provider.

Send an email message

In Idle mode, open the application list and select Google Mail. If you are launching this application for the first time, select OK. Press the menu - Compose. Enter a name or address in the recipient field. To add more recipients, press the menu - Add Cc/Bcc. Enter a subject and message. To attach an image file, press the menu - Attach - a file. Select to send the message.

View an email message

In Idle mode, open the application list and select Google Mail. Select an email message. From the message view, use the following options: Available options may vary depending on the account.

  • To reply to the message, select the reply button.
  • To reply to the message and include all recipients, select the reply button - Reply all.
  • To forward the message to other people, select the reply button - Forward.
  • To mark the message as important, select the star icon.
  • To view an attachment, select Preview. To save it to your device, select Download.
  • To archive the message, select Archive.
  • To delete the message, select Delete.
  • To move to the previous or next message, select < or > .

Organize email by labels

You can organize your email by labeling your messages. You can sort messages with the label filter.

Add a label to a message
From the Inbox screen, tap and hold a message. Select Change labels. Select a label, and then select OK.

Filter messages
From the Inbox screen, press the home button - Go to labels. Select the label for the messages you want to view.

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