Call Rejection Message

You can create a automatic text message that will be sent whenever you reject an incoming call. To create this voice message, navigate to 'Settings > Call Settings > Set Reject Messages'. You can either select from a previously-used message or create a new one by touching 'Create'. Enter in the text and select 'Save'.

Enable International Dialing

International dialing lets you enter or change the stored international call code (011) used to shorten dialing of international numbers. To activate this feature, navigate to 'Settings > Call Settings > North American Dialing', which will disable NA dialing and will enable international dialing. You can touch 'International Dialing' again to change the stored international code.

Enable Call Restrictions

Enabling call restrictions allow you to limit calls made to and with your phone. To change these settings, navigate to 'Settings > Call Settings > Call Restrictions'. You will see two settings: Incoming and Outgoing. Touch 'Incoming' to allow either all incoming calls, only those from your contact list or none at all. The same thing can be done by selecting the 'Outgoing' option: you can limit it to just contacts, have no limits at all or prevent outgoing calls entirely.

Enable Auto Answer

Auto Answer is a feature that will automatically answer a call after a certain period of time. The amount of time is customizable and can be selected to navigating to 'Settings > Call Settings > Auto Answer'. From here, you can select whether you want the phone to answer after one second, three seconds or five seconds (you can also disable it entirely).

View Call Timers

Your phone keeps track of the total time it's been used, as well as other variables. To see these timers, navigate to 'Settings > Call Settings > View Call Timer'. You will be able to see the last call duration, the total amount of incoming and outgoing calls as well as the lifetime usage of the phone. You can reset all timers (except the lifetime usage one) by touching the Menu button then 'Reset'.

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