There are power saving functions built directly into the Samsung Galaxy S II that allow you to conserve battery life when need be. You can dictate when the power saving mode kicks in (i.e: when the battery life drops below x%) in order to be able to avoid your phone dying.

Enable/Disable Power Saving Mode

You can toggle the main function by navigating to 'Settings > Power Saving Mode'. From here, tap the 'Use Power Saving Mode' to enable or disable it. When enabling it, you should see a green check appear after tapping it.

Power Saving Automatic Activation

You can choose at what level of battery life you want the power saving features to activate. Navigate to 'Settings > Power Saving Mode > Power Saving On At' to see the options. You can select from '10% battery power', '30% battery power', '50% battery power' and '70% battery power'. Tap the desired selection and the phone will automatically begin conserving battery life when the battery drops below that percentage.

Power Saving Settings

When you are in the 'Power Saving Mode' section of 'Settings', you will see a number of actions you can choose to occur when the power saving mode kicks in after battery loss. The following options are available and can be individually selected to occur when this happens:

  • Turn Off Wi-Fi, Turn Off Bluetooth, Turn Off GPS, Turn Off Sync, Brightness, and Screen Timeout.

By calibrating these settings, you can squeeze additional hours out of your battery.

Power Saving Tips

If you are looking for general advice on how to use your phone to its maximum efficiency, then check out the tips provided by Samsung. Navigate to 'Settings > Power Saving Mode > Power Saving Tips' to see a range of things you can proactively do to increase battery life.

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