Your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G lets you use a microSD (SD) or microSDHC card (also referred to as a memory card) to expand available memory space. This secure digital card enables you to exchange images, music, and data between SD-compatible devices. This section addresses the features and options of your device’s SD functionality. The device has a USB SD card mode.

Using the SD Card

There are several methods for using the SD card:

1. Connecting to your PC to store files (such as music, videos, or other types of files and media).
2. To activate the camera, video, music player, and other dependent media or applications.

After mounting an SD card in the device you can use your computer to access and manage the SD card.

Mounting the SD Card

To store photos, music, videos, and other applications. You must mount (install) the SD card prior to use. Mounting the SD card establishes a USB connection with your computer. Important: You must enable USB storage to mount the SD card. Navigate to the 'Settings' section and tap the 'Mount SD Card' option.

Connecting to the SD Card

1. Insert the SD card into the external, SD card slot.
2. Verify the card is properly mounted.
3. Configure the phone for USB mass storage mode connection. Navigate to 'Settings > Wireless and network > USB utilities > Connect storage to PC'.
4. Connect the USB cable to the phone and connect the cable to the computer.
5. Tap 'Connect USB storage'. Both the phone and computer display icons to show that the device is mounted. As soon as the connection is established a drive letter is assigned to the phone’s storage device.
6. Later, tap 'Disconnect storage from PC' to close the USB connection between the phone and your computer.

Unmounting the SD Card

Unmounting the SD card prevents corruption and damage to the SD card while removing it from the slot.

1. Navigate to 'Settings > Storage'.
2. Tap 'Unmount SD card'.
3. When the “SD card will be unmounted” message displays and the Mount SD card now appears in the menu list, remove the SD card.

Erasing Files from the SD card

You can erase files from the SD card using the phone.
1. Ensure the SD card is mounted.
2. Navigate to 'Settings > Storage > Unmount SD card'.
3. Tap 'Format SD card > Format SD card > Erase everything' to format the SD card. The SD card formats and erases all the data stored on it.

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