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    Kies Air allows you to sync your Windows PC wirelessly with your phone provided they are both on the same Wi-Fi network. You can view and share call logs, videos, photos, music, bookmarks,
    ringtones, and even send SMS messages from your PC. Before beginning, it is recommended that you update the Java application running on your machine.

    Connecting to and Using Kies Air

    1. Sign onto the same Wi-Fi network from your phone and from your PC.
    2. From the Home screen, tap 'Applications > Kies air'.
    3. From the Kies air homescreen, tap 'Start'.
    4. If prompted, select a network. Choose from either 'Wi-Fi' or 'Portable Wi-Fi hotspot'.
    5. Write down the on-screen URL address. Important: Both your phone and your computer must be connected to the same Wireless Access Point (WAP).
    6. From your computer, enter the URL in your Web browser.
    7. If prompted, an Access Request prompt is displayed on your device. Tap 'Allow' to permit connection between the computer and device.
    8. On your computer, you may be prompted to run a Java plugin for a TransferManagerApplet. Click 'Run'.
    9. Tap the 'Remember for today' checkbox if you will be using Kies air with the same PC later.
    10. From your PC, a security warning may be displayed asking if you want to run this application. Click 'Run' to continue.
    11. On your PC, the Kies air screen is displayed. On your phone, the icon appears at the top of your screen.
    12. Follow the on-screen instructions to view and share information between your phone and PC.
    13. Click a link from the left navigation pane to access one of several device file categories such as:

    [Device Name] - provides an overview of all the main categories.
    • Messages/Call Log/Contacts
    File Explorer
    Language settings

    14. To exit the Kies air application, tap 'Stop' on your device, then close out the Web browser on your computer.

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    Re: Kies Air Tutorial for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

    I was under the misunderstanding that the kies desktop software saved information like contacts from your phone to your desktop automatically when you synced.
    After loosing my phone I discovered that it need to be saved manually.
    Now i have a samsug note and am look at the kies air thinking how do I save my contacts pics and video to the pc.
    This always in my mind was the primary reason to sync ie to have a back up.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    Re: Kies Air Tutorial for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

    you need to install java for multiple files selection, otherwise you need to upload or downlaod file one by one using kies air
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    Re: Kies Air Tutorial for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4 G

    Text automatically translated from: French to: English

    I connected with my PC and my galaxy mini smartphone 2 by following the tutorial above and I got on my all my smartphone Windows pc but how do now to transfer photos, videos or music from one to the other (smartphone to PC and PC to smartphone)
    I have not found the procedure?
    Can someone help me?

    Thank you in advance

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