Google Latitude is an application that enables you to see the location of your friends. The application also gives you the option to share or hide your own location.

First and foremost, in order to fully utilize Google Latitude you need to log on to your Gmail account. In case you haven't added a Google account on your Samsung Galaxy Note yet, tap the "Apps" icon found on your Home screen > Select "Gmail" > Tap "Next" and follow the on-screen instructions.

How-To: Access Google Latitude on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

1. From the Home screen press the "Apps" icon and select "Latitude".
2. You should be able to see a list containing the location of your friends using Latitude.
3. For a map view press the "Menu" sensitive button on your device and select "Map view".

How-To: Share Your Location with Your Friends.

1. Access the Latitude map screen and tap the icon found at the bottom-left corner of the screen in order to see your Latitude friends. Note that for now, only your name will be displayed.
2. Press the "Menu" sensitive button on your Galaxy Note.
3. Select "Add friends".
4. Select whether you wish to add friends from your contacts or "Add via email address". For this example we will use "Select from contacts".
5. Select the desire contact.
6. You should now be prompted with a "Send sharing request" window. If so, press "Yes". Your contact should now receive a text message or email notification containing your location.

How-To: Modify Google Latitude Settings on Your Samsung Galaxy Note.

Whilst on the map screen tap the "Menu" sensitive button. The following options will be made available:

- Search: This option will allow you to search for a specific location.
- Directions: This feature will display directions from a starting point to a desired destination.
- Clear Map: This option will remove all the layers and markings from the map.
- More: This option will open a sub-menu containing additional options including: Map view, Navigation, Latitude, Location history and My Places.

Lastly, the "Settings" option will let you choose between a wide array of settings for the Latitude application:

- Cache settings will enable the user to pre-fetch map tiles in order for the map to be visible even when your device is not connected to a Wi-Fi network.
- Location reporting contains a fair number of settings for managing your location history, location sharing and more.
- Labs is a section containing features that have not yet been fully implemented in Latitude but are available for testing if one would choose to do so. The list is continuously updated and features can appear or disappear at any time.
- The last three options in the "Settings" menu are "Terms, Privacy & Notices", "About" and "Help". Access these features at your leisure.

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