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    In order to be able to use Google Maps on your Samsung Galaxy Note you will need to enable Wi-Fi connectivity or the GPS satellites. Note that GPS connectivity will also enable you to use street-level view on Google Maps, but it will also drain your battery life quicker.

    To enable GPS:

    1. Tap the "Apps" icon found on the Hone screen of your device.
    2. Select "Settings".
    3. Tap on "Location and Security".
    4. Checkmark the "Use GPS satellites" option.

    Now that GPS has been enabled, time to access Google Maps.

    1. From the Home screen select "Apps".
    2. Tap on "Maps" and you should now be able to see your location on the map.

    Google Maps offers a wide range of options by pressing the "Menu" sensitive button on your Samsung Galaxy Note, such as:

    - Search: The search function allows you to find a place of interest on the map.
    - Directions: This feature acts as a navigation system and allows you to set a starting point and a destination on the map.
    - Clear Map will remove all layers and markings from the map.

    By Pressing "More" after you've tapped the "Menu" sensitive button on your device, a new list of options will appear on the screen:

    - "Map" will allow you to access the "map view".
    - "Places" enables the user to find points of interest such as bars, restaurants and more.
    - "Navigation" allows you to use your Samsung Galaxy Note as a GPS navigation system featuring voice guidance and voice commands.

    Additionally, the "Settings" menu will allow you to access experimental Google Maps features via the "Labs" menu, change the Google Maps cache settings and will also give you access to the "Help" menu where you can find additional information on how to use the application.

    See More: Use Google Maps on Your Samsung Galaxy Note
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