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    The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is a prepaid smartphone but it is also running Android version 2.3. The Android mobile operating system is the most vulnerable mobile operating system when it comes to malware. Learning a bit about security may help the user to avoid an event where their personal data may be stolen or compromised. There are tools that can be installed on the smartphone to prevent a problem with malware on this Android powered handset. But being careful can do a lot of good as well.

    The first thing to do to keep the bad guys ( and girls ) out of the Galaxy Proclaim is to watch out what you download from the Google Play Android marketplace. There are some devious people out there who have copied valid, useful apps and made them into rotten clones that steal information, call 900 numbers and actually attack other web sites. Do a search on the app you are interested in getting on your Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. Look for reviews of the app you want online. Some trusted sites are this one and Androidtap dot com. If you find out too late that the "Angry Birds" app you downloaded was not really from the original creator, you will only have yourself to blame. Yes, there was a fake Angry Birds app that around 1400 people downloaded from the app store. It sent three premium rate text messages each time the malicious app was opened. It ended up costing the users who had infected phones 28,000 pounds ( $43,968 dollars ). As you can see, it pays to watch out what you download onto your Proclaim.

    The second thing to do to keep ugly malware out of your Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is to find a decent anti-malware program. Lookout Mobile Security is a high quality app that is free. They are one of the first companies to start working in security with the Android mobile operating system. They have more experience with Android than the other "big name" anti-malware companies. AVG also makes an anti-virus app with two versions, paid or free. The paid version is going to cost $10 dollars and comes with extra features. There is always Norton and McAfee, but the preferred app is from Lookout. The apps are not only going to cut out the malware, but do other security job as well. Warnings about dangerous phone settings, locate a lost smartphone, backup and restore, task killers, protection from phishing and more are included in many Android malware apps.

    Be careful scanning QR codes with your Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. Not all of them are safe. It may be cool to use the camera and get a coupon or deal for something, but not all QR codes are safe. Just like the fake apps, there are bad people out there who would like nothing better than to get their malware on your Samsung handset and try to steal some quick money. One such recent QR code was posted on web sites. The visitor could scan the QR code and get sent to a web site that installed a trojan on the smartphone. Once the trojan infected the smartphone, it did the same thing as the fake apps above. It started sending out SMS messages to premium services. Each message was six dollars a pop.

    It is smart to use a web browser other than the one that comes installed in Android. Crackers are familiar with the installed browser much better than they know some off brands. Other mobile browsers that can be installed in the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim are from Opera, Dolphin and Skyfire. The last one in particular, Skyfire, is available in the Google Android market and supports flash for a rich surfing experience. Keeping an eye out for what permissions that apps ask of your smartphone is the last good tip of this article. If an app asks for permissions you are not familiar with, just deny the permission. Try to fix it later if the app does not work correctly.

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    Re: Keep malware out of your Samsung Galaxy Proclaim

    This is actually a great and informative article.

    I agree with everything written in it, with one exception - you mention antivirus software, such as Norton, McAfee and AVG.
    However, there's also the DFNDR app which does almost the exact same for free. Also, like what you wrote, this app has many unique features that are beyond just antivirus (like remote control of your SIM, app lock, etc.).

    You should always take care and precautions of your phone, but some of these apps might be more suitable than others.

    I always recommend reading about as many apps as possible to know what you're getting and then make the decision yourself based on the information you have (reading about the app in the play/app store, checking the software's website etc.).

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