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    Luis Filipe
    boa tarde. eu gostaria de saber qual a data prevista do samsung galaxy s3 em portugal.agradecia uma resposta breve. com os meus comprimentos. pedro

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    bharti mehta
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    Re: samsung galaxy s3

    he Galaxy S3 is the successor to the S2 Android phone, which helped make Samsung the world's largest smartphone maker in 2011.

    The phone, sporting a 4.8-inch screen, features eye-tracking technology so that it knows when to wake and when to sleep, and quad-core processors which give it the kind of computing power top-range PCs had just a few years ago.

    It also comes with Samsung's take on Apple's 'Siri' voice control system, and 50GB of cloud storage thanks to a hook-up with the file-sharing service DropBox.

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