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    Samsung Galaxy S II
    my phone stopped working, after 366 days. just turned its self off and never came back to life :-/ RIP phone

    so i called samsung and sent it off. they came back to me a couple of weeks later and told me that its got waterdamage. NOOOOO i haven't had it any where near water. I've always had a good phone case and cover. and always taken care of the phone knowing just how much its worth. Samsung are saying "water lngress ber" on the form they have sent me back. im more then 100% sure its due to no actions of my own. And ive sent samsung the following message

    Samsung customer care team

    please the previous documents between my self and Samsung customer
    support center, From my original

    communication between my self and Samsung - which from this point on
    in this and any other

    Correspondence/proceedings will be noted as E-mail (a) which covers
    the problem. To summarize the problem I

    have not breached the terms of the warranty in any way shape or form.
    And have not caused my product any defect

    do to any wrong doing on my part. i stress the point that the quality
    of goods where unsatisfactory for the time

    needed. Due to which i'm requesting a copy of all details which you
    hold on my item. (The handset its self) - Namely i

    need the official Samsung report which states the problem with the
    components is irrefutably due to water/liquid

    damage which is cause fully by actions when the item was under my control

    Kind Regards

    (this is after two messages to other Samsung Departments, seems like there just sending me around and around.)

    i Want to take this further can any one please advise me

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S II: Feel like samsung are fobbing me off :-/

    This is going to be difficult to prove. They're going to say the phone had water damage, and you say it didn't. There isn't really proof either way. You can continue trying to communicate with Samsung to see if they will work with you. You can also try reporting them to the BBB.

    Are you sure it isn't possible that the phone got wet in any way or any type of moisture?

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