Share a Video on the Internet

So you want your friends to see the latest video you took? Itís very easy to do that using your new Samsung Galaxy Victory. You have to:

1. Tap Apps from the Home screen.
2. Then tap Gallery.
3. Tap the desired album.
4. Locate the video that you want to share and then tap and hold it.
5. Tap the Share icon located in the upper right side of the phone.
6. Tap the desired service Ė Facebook, Google +, Messaging, etc. Bear in mind that the service has to be set up on your phone. In case itís not, enter your login information and Sign in.
7. Now you have to follow the prompts to upload the video.
8. The video should be successfully shared.

Take and Share a Picture

1. Tap Apps from the Home screen.
2. Tap Camera.
3. Now tap on the capture button to take the picture. If the panoramic mode is selected, tap the capture button once to begin recording and tap again when youíre finished. When you take a panoramic picture, you have to hold the phone steady and rotate slowly.
4. Tap on the image preview.
5. Now tap the Share icon. In case the sharing options are not displayed, tap the Menu Key.
6. Tap on the sharing method that you want to use.
7. Enter the caption that you want to share and tap Upload.
8. The picture should now be sent. Keep in mind that the steps to send a picture may vary depending on the Share option.

Clear the Browser Cache

1. From the Home screen, tap Internet.
2. Then press the Menu Key.
3. Tap Settings.
4. Tap Privacy and security.
5. Tap Clear cache and then tap OK.
6. The browser cache is now cleared.

Make a Conference Call

1. While already on a call, tap Add call.
2. If you want to dial the number manually, enter the number and tap the Call key.
3. If you want to dial a number from your contact list, tap the Contacts tab located in the upper right side.
4. Select the desired contact.
5. Tap the phone number that you want to call.
6. When the second call is connected, tap Merge.
7. You are now in a conference call.

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