The battery of the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE has a maximum talk time of 9 hours of continuous use. This guide will provide you with some easy steps to conserve the battery life of your phone.

The first step would be to adjust the backlight brightness and backlight timeout.

1. From the Home screen, tap Menu.
2. Then tap Settings -> Display -> Brightness -> tap and drag the slider to the lowest level that you feel comfortable with.
3. Once finished, tap OK.
4. Now tap on the Screen Timeout and choose the lowest comfortable option.
5. Tap the Back key.

Usually, using a Live Wallpaper drains your battery life faster, thus changing your wallpaper to a static one will increase your battery life.

1. Tap the Settings key.
2. Scroll to and tap Wallpaper.
3. Tap and choose the desired screen – Home screen, Lock screen or Home and lock screens.
4. Then tap the desired option, excluding the Live Wallpapers.
5. Now scroll to the desired wallpaper image and choose Set wallpaper.

The Wi-Fi also plays a major part when it comes to your phone’s battery life. You should have your phone connected to Wi-Fi whenever it’s available, as it can help extend your battery life with up to 50%.
However, remember to always turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Hotspot, GPS as well as 4G LTE off when not actively using the options, otherwise they will drain the battery.

1. Tap Settings and ensure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sliders are OFF.
2. Next tap More settings -> Mobile networks -> Network mode -> ensure CDMA is selected when you are not in a 4G area.
3. Press Back key twice to return to the Settings menu.

To turn off GPS go to:

1. Settings -> scroll to and tap Location services.
2. Tap to uncheck the GPS satellites.
3. Tap Home when finished.

The battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE can be drained by the running applications as well. To stop them you have to:

1. Tap and hold the Home key from the home screen.
2. Next, tap and drag to the left or right the application that you want to close.
3. Repeat for all desired apps.
4. Tap the Home key when finished.

Setting your phone to synchronize and download less information or less often is another step you should take in order to increase the battery life.

1. From the home screen, tap the Menu key.
2. Tap Settings -> scroll to and tap Accounts and sync -> next, tap on the desired account and tap to check or uncheck the desired sync options.

And if you really want to make everything possible to conserve your battery life, you should also turn vibrate off for ringtones and notifications, choose a shorter ringtone and download a Battery Defender application.

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