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    I just paid cubic dollars for a galaxy note. I travel a lot and I use the GPS daily - sometimes 2-3 times a day. The big screen is a natural, for that! Also, this phone is robust - it will, for example, ROCK when using Power Amp, not just barely squeak, like a lot of cheaper phones. A good GPS was going to cost me $400 so the other $250 is what I actually paid for the phone...

    I'm using Straight Talk. I was able to unlock the phone and reset the network parameters (bought phone at ATT store which, believe it or not, was the best deal, but only on buying the phone - the service most certainly not!). Everything appears to be working.

    I have a rubber case etc. on order. I'll just have to be extremely cautious until it comes. I perceive this phone as being especially easy to drop and I fully expect it to be destroyed, if I do drop it?

    Some of the ATT apps remain, resisting my efforts to remove them. And so my question: Should I "hack" this phone? My note came with Android 4.0.4 installed BUT it's infested with proprietary ATT apps.

    Any help appreciated...?

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    Re: New Person with Galaxy Note and questions... lol

    you would need to root it if you want to remove the AT&T apps.

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