Add or Remove a Widget

1. From the home screen where you want to place your widget to, touch Apps.
2. Next, tap Widgets.
3. Scroll to the desired widget. Now tap and hold the widget until it expands and drag it to the location on the home screen where you want to put it.
4. Release the widget. It should now snap into place by itself.

Note: Some widgets, especially the ones downloaded from the Play Store, may have additional options, so you have to follow the prompts to set up the widget the way you want to.

5. If you want to remove a widget, you simply have to touch and drag it to Delete. When it turns red, release it.
6. The widget should then be removed from the home screen.

Set Up a Ringtone

1. From the home screen, press Menu.
2. Tap on Settings -> Sound.
3. Tap Device Ringtone and choose a ringtone from the available list. The ringtone selected should play briefly .
4. Tap OK to assign the desired ringtone.

Set Up Notifications

1. From the home screen press Menu.
2. Tap Default Notifications and select a notification available from the list. The notification selected should play briefly.
3. Touch OK to assign the notification.

Set Up a Wallpaper

Home Screen Wallpaper

You can set up as a wallpaper one of the preloaded images that your Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE has, or select a picture that you’ve downloaded or taken with your Camera.

1. From the home screen, press Menu.
2. Tap Settings -> Wallpaper.
3. Now tap the Home screen and choose one of the wallpaper types available. You have several categories to choose from: Gallery, ID Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers.

Another way that you can assign a wallpaper is to press and hold a blank spot on the Home screen and then select Home screen, Lock screen or Home and lock screens under the option Set wallpaper for.

Set up a Wallpaper for Your Lock Screen

1. Press Home and then tap the Menu key.
2. Go to Settings -> Wallpaper.
3. Now touch Lock screen and select a wallpaper from the lists available – Gallery or Wallpapers.

Set up a Home and Lock Screens Wallpaper

1. Press Home and then tap the Menu key.
2. Go to Settings and then Wallpaper.
3. Touch Home and lock screens and select a wallpaper from the lists available – Gallery, Live Wallpapers and Wallpapers.

Import or Export Contacts to the Memory Card

1. Touch the Menu key.
2. Touch Import/Export.
3. Tap the desired option – Export to SD card or Import from SD card.
4. If you selected Import from – tap the location where you want to import the contacts to. If vCards are found, you need to select the desired copy option and tap OK.
5. If you selected Export to, tap OK to confirm.
6. Your contacts should now be imported or exported to a vCard file on your memory card.

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