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    I have an SGS2.

    A few days ago I changed the microSD in the phone...when I rebooted it shows it not in Vodafone network...I thought the SIM has contact problems so I stopped, moved SIM a littlebit and start it again...the result is the same. After I checked closer and found: IMEI unknown, SerialNo.: unknown...

    It is a stock OS, without root. I bought the phone and used as is. (my USB cable untouched...it is in the phone's box). Not flashed/hacked/etc.

    I took it to a "cellphone guru" who tried to write the IMEI back but without success...upgrade to ICS (stock version) ...not worked...OS downgraded to 2.3.3. In this state IMEI is writeable. IMEI is ok, now it is time to ICS...."mission failed". back to 2.3.3...and now try the original, 2.3.5...it is ok, working!
    Seems we can not upgrade to ICS.

    ....Maybe I can live with this..BUT....

    (before all of these update procedure....a few weeks ago)-->
    ...I have an OTG cable, my pendrive was in several times...the last time when I disconnect OTG I found all of my files (what was in the pendrive) under it's mountpoint (usbstorage/sda/..) So datas are in this directory but pendrive is disconnected....
    Ok, I thought I made mistake...so deleted all of the datas from that dir..

    After all of these OS modifications, several factory resets......now I have that directory structure what was in that pendrive under usbstorage/sda/... what I removed weeks later. My colls told me -and I think it also- it have physical problems, ROM problem.

    I bought my phone as a new one ( I opened its box) 11 monts ago, so maybe I will have problems with the dealer / service center.
    I took it to a service to an OS upgrade...but I know it they can not upgrade it to ICS ..and hope they find the problem an solve it.

    Have You ever seen that kind of problem?

    (Sorry for my bad english)

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 problem

    When you updated the phone, was it an official update from the manufacturer or carrier, or was it an unofficial update? If it was an official update, you should be able to contact your manufacturer or carrier for support.

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