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    This tutorial will teach you how to root Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Note 2, version SPH-L900. For the international, T-Mobile or AT&T versions, check out the other Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Root Guide that we talked about yesterday.

    Read This First

    1. This tutorial is intended only for the model number above! Using in on a different device may end up producing undesired outcomes.
    2. The information provided here is for educational and instructional purposes only and there’s no guarantee that it will work under specific and unique circumstances.
    3. Use this tutorial at your own risk, we won’t be held responsible if something happens to your smartphone after using the information provided in the tutorial.
    4. Make sure you read the entire tutorial before you proceed!

    Requirements for the Root Process

    1. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900.
    2. The handset USB drivers, which you can also download via Samsung Kies.
    3. Disable your antivirus, firewall as well as Samsung Kies (after you’ve downloaded the drivers).
    4. Galaxy Note 2 Root Sprint zip.
    5. micro-USB cable.

    Instructions on Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, model SPH-L900

    1. Connect the smartphone to the computer using the USB cable.
    2. Download the Galaxy Note 2 Root Sprint zip.
    3. Unzip the archive and you’ll find 4 files.
    4. Locate the and copy it to your smartphone.
    5. Now turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and disconnect it from your computer.
    6. Next, you have to press down the Power Key, Volume Down Key and Center Home Key all at the same time for around 5 seconds -> you should then see a warning screen.
    7. Hit the Volume Up Key to enter ODIN download mode. Also, reconnect the handset to your computer via the micro-USB cable.
    8. Now run the ODIN program by double-clicking on odin3 v1.85.exe.
    9. There should be a yellow box located in the upper left corner of the screen that has a random COM number in it. In case you don’t see the yellow box, make sure you have the Samsung USB drivers installed, and also reconnect your Galaxy Note 2 to the computer.
    10. Click on the PDA button.
    11. In the folder you unzipped before, look for openrecovery-twrp-, meaning the TWRP recovery for your Sprint phone.
    12. Press Start, which will start flashing the TWRP recovery to the device.
    13. Now you should see “PASS!” written on the screen and if smartphone reboots it means everything went perfectly and the root was successful. If, for whatever reason, the root failed, just try another USB port and check to see that Samsung Kies is not working at the same time. Then repeat the same steps from the number 5.
    14. Now you need to turn off the Galaxy Note 2 again and press down the Volume Up Key, Power Key and the Center Home Key at the same time for around 5 seconds -> then release the Power Key, but continue pressing down the Volume Up Key and Center Home Key!
    15. When you get in the TWRP recovery, select Install.
    16. Select the same file you copied in step 4, meaning the and install it. This will also install the SuperSU app.
    17. You should then receive a notification saying the root was successful.
    18. Next, reboot your Galaxy Note 2 and check out to see the SuperSU app on your Home screen.
    19. Congrats! You’ve successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Sprint version. You’re now ready to custom ROMs on your device.

    See More: Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint Version)

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    Re: Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint Version)

    Your cheers!!!! Thanx for sharing this tut, i was wandering here for this

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    Re: Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint Version)

    Thank you

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    Re: Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint Version)

    You're welcome!

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    Re: Root the Samsung Galaxy Note II (Sprint Version)


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