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    How to reset your Samsung Galaxy SIII to its factory settings

    If you are new to the smartphone game there is going to be at least one instance that you will need to reset your phone back to factory settings in order to get around something that you might have messed up along the way. The first thing you must remember is not to freak out as there are plenty of ways to get your phone back to normal and I will outline the fastest way to reset your device right here.

    REMEMBER: Resetting your phone will clear every bit of data that you put on your device since the day your turned it on, so be comepletly sure this is something that you want to do.

    If there are some things that you want to keep, move them to the microSD card for safe keeping and remove it. Make sure you have a full battery so the device does not shut off while the process is being completed.

    Factory Reset the Samsung Galaxy SIII:
    1. Go to menu > settings
    2. Under Personal go to Back up and reset
    3. Choose Factory data reset and confirm

    If you do not think you can get the process started without messing something else up, you can search YouTube as there are plenty of videos there you can choose from that show you each of the steps.

    Once the process is complete, you will be welcomed with a factory reset phone as if you had just pulled it out of the box. Enjoy!

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