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    Taking Photos

    1. Go to the Home screen and tap Apps.
    2. To activate the camera mode, just tap Camera.
    3. The main display of your smartphone will be the viewfinder and you can adjust the image by aiming the camera at the subject you want to photograph.
    4. To zoom in or out, use the Up and Down Volume keys or pinch the screen in to zoom our or pinch it outwards to zoom in. The photo can be magnified up to x4 (400 percent).
    5. You can access the on-screen icons if you want to check out your camera options and settings.
    6. To move the focus on a different area or subject, just tap the screen.
    7. To take the photo, you need to tap the Camera icon.

    Tip: You should avoid taking a picture in bright conditions or direct sunlight, as unwanted shadows may appear in your picture.
    Note: All the photos you take are stored automatically to your designated location. In case you don’t have a microSD card installed, all your photos will be stored on the Samsung Galaxy Express.

    Camera Options

    There are several options available that can help you take better photos:

    • Self-portrait – this option activates the front-facing camera so you can easily take photos of yourself. The front-facing camera is also useful for video chatting.
    • Flash – using flash you can brighten your photos. Set the option to Off, On or Auto.
    • Shooting mode – you can set your camera to make a Single shot – where you take just one picture which you see on the viewfinder before returning to the shooting mode – or a Smile shot – where camera will focus on the subject’s face and will take the picture once it detects a smile.
    • Panorama – using this mode you can take an initial picture and then add additional photos to the initial image.
    • Cartoon – this mode will give your picture a cartoonish look.
    • Scene mode – this mode is especially useful for beginners as it will help them take better pictures. The camera comes with some preset settings for taking Portrait, Night, Party/Indoor, Landscape, Sports, Sunset, Fall Color, Beach/Snow, Candlelight, Text, Firework and Backlight photos. You’ll also find a few helpful tips for each of these scenes.
    • Focus mode – this option allows you to choose between Auto focus or Macro. If you wish to take close-up pictures of flowers or insects, for example, then you should use Macro.
    • Exposure value – this option enables you to adjust the brightness level of your photos.
    • Timer – you can set a timer for the photos you take, choose from Off, 2 seconds, 5 seconds or 10 seconds.
    • Effects – if you want to edit your photos, you can use the Negative, Sepia or Black and white effects of your camera.
    • White balance – this option allows you to set the white balance to Auto, Cloudy, Daylight, Fluorescent or Incandescent.
    • ISO – the ISO plays an important role when taking photos, as it determines the sensitivity of your camera’s light meter. You can choose from Auto, 100, 200 or 400. For sharp photos, it’s best to use a low ISO number, but if you find yourself in a low-light situation, it’s best to use a higher ISO number as your camera will need less light to take the picture. Or just leave the setting on Auto and let your camera automatically adjust the ISO for any shot.
    • Image quality – this allows you to set your image quality to Normal, Fine or Superfine.
    • Reset – this option allows you to reset all camera settings to default.

    See More: Basic Camera Settings for the Samsung Galaxy Express
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    Re: Basic Camera Settings for the Samsung Galaxy Express

    Thanks Layanna!

    I just found this one...


    BTW - Home and power button together do take a screenshot on the Express. I turned the phone off for a few and back on and that worked.

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    Re: Basic Camera Settings for the Samsung Galaxy Express

    You're welcome, John!

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