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    I had the flip cover on my Note I & Note II until one day it fell out of my pocket and put some scratches on the chrome bezel on the corner.
    The flip looks great and does protect the screen, but does NOT protect the rest of the phone, especially the chrome around the outer edge. That really ruined my day scratching it like that. So off came the flip and on went this rubber & plastic cover made by "Cube" I got at the local mall that protects it better. has a lip around the screen and I have a screen cover on it too. Look nice too!

    I will be doing a "tear-down" when I order the chrome bezel and middle housing for the Note II. I'll post with pics when I do it.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note II: NO more flip cover for me...

    Yes, after fell out on the ground it gets scratch & after scratched it doesn't look good. There are many stylish covers available in the online store like "mobansp". You can also check it.

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