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    Maybe someone here can give me some advice. I recently made a mistake and did an upgrade with AT&T to this "brick like device" called a Samsung Galaxy Express ( SGH-I437). The first one I rcvd would only hold a charge for about 20 hours or so. Replaced that one but this phone is a train wreck. This .... "thing" I will call it; apparently is one that Samsung made for AT&T who loaded it up with a bunch of crappy Apps that are quite redundant. Heck, they have three different messaging apps alone that all conflict with each other and they confusingly self-load and activate during the required cell phone activation process. It seems that anything I attempt to do on this device is a bait and switch operation. The latest effort to tether it or make it a "hotspot" or Internet access point has been a nightmare. I dont care if I pay to do it and the phone manual and ATT help area makes it sound easy but I give up. BTW I am pretty much considered a power user and now I feel as Im back to kindergarden. I feel sorry for someone that has less electronic device and software experience if they have to deal with this phone....GOOD LUCK.

    So I give up and do so by asking if anyone knows or has had experience with hacking this specific phone? I have jailbroken multiple I-phones from the first one through the Iphone 4S and have modded a Viewsonic GTab but it seems there is very little specific info on messing with this phone and as we all know it is a situation of "At your own risk" when rooting, jailbreaking,unlocking etc. so you might say I am doing my "due dilligence" by asking for advice on this matter. I don't want to end up like Michael Douglas in that movie "Falling Down" but I am close to being there. It seems the Wireless Provider has left me no options but for me to attempt to hack this thing into performing as I am sure it was designed to do before they got a stranglehold on its inner workings. Any!!!! advice and I do mean ANY ADVICE, from:The best technique for throwing this thing out of an airplane to Modifying it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Express ( SGH-I437) Unlocking, Rooting etc.

    This is the only thing I've found, and I can't confirm that it works:

    Samsung Galaxy Express I437 Android Roots

    The guy is asking for a survey in return for the 'file'.

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