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    Are there any issues with Samsung SIII mini and Sandisk Ultra 64gb microSDXC? There are hundreds of pages of people being told reformat EXfat to fat 32. Which is not easy to to, and just plain daft seeing as the phone is meant to use EXFAT, and 64gb goes against the grain as only 32gb should be done that way. The issues seem very varied from loosing tracks to the cards not working at all but working 100% when Fat 32 formatted. Makes no sense.

    I'd like to here from a few people that say it's okay EXfat and they have had no trouble. I have my card here and my phone arrives tomorrow, I hope.


    Steve Blease.

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    Re: Samsung SIII mini 64gb

    From what I've read exFAT was created by Microsoft, and Samsung decided not to use the full implementation of it on its phones. If they did they would have to pay Microsoft licensing fees. So as a result, Samsung phones don't handle exFAT very well, and data is lost, cards are corrupt.

    It's really not that hard to format to FAT32. You just need a formatting program and a card reader.

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