The CWM Recovery mode will help you restore or create ROM backups, install new ROM or even wipe your data or factory reset your smartphone. It’s quite easy to install the CMW recovery on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but in order to make sure you have a successful installation, please read carefully the following guidelines:

1. This tutorial is specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, AT&T version. Following the steps of this tutorial on a different version may brick your device.
2. Your Note 2 should be rooted prior to installing to CWM Recovery. If your device is not rooted, you can follow the steps of the How-To Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tutorial (AT&T Version).
3. It’s important to have the Note 2 drives installed on the computer you’re going to work with. You can use Samsung Kies to install the drivers or follow the next links to download the drivers now. Win 32bit X86 USB or Win 64bit X64.
4. Turn off your antivirus or any other security software as it may try to block the installation.
5. Make sure you enable USB debugging on your Note 2.
6. The battery of the phone must be fully charged in order to prevent it from powering off during this process.
7. You are doing this at your own expense and we are not to be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your smartphone.

To install the CWM Recovery, follow the next steps:

1. First you need to download the ClockworkMod Recovery image and save it on the Desktop.
2. Download the ODIN 3.304 zip and unzip its content in a new folder. There should be four files extracted.
3. Turn off your smartphone and boot it into Download Mode. To do so, you need to press the Volume Down key, Home key and Power key at the same time. Keep the keys pressed down until you are asked to press the Volume Up key. Do that and then your Note II will load in Download Mode.
4. Open the ODIN folder you’ve unzipped and run the ODIN executable.
5. Connect your Note II to the computer via your USB cable. ODIN should then say ADDED!. In case ODIN doesn’t say ADDED! you need to re-install the USB drivers for your Note II and repeat this process.
6. Then go to the ODIN program window and simply click PDA and load the CMW Recovery img.tar into ODIN.exe. Make sure you don´t change ODIN´s default options and the Re-partition box is unchecked.
7. Then press the START button and ODIN should being installing the ClockworkMod Recovery image on your Note II.
8. When the installation process is complete, your smartphone will restart into its normal mode and ODIN should say PASS.
9. Congratulations! You’ve managed to install CWM Recovery!

If you want to make sure the CWM Recovery is working you can make to following test:

1. Press the Volume Up, Home and Power keys simultaneously and release your fingers when the screen flashes.
2. Using the Volume keys, navigate through the options and use the Power button to select one of them.
3. Reboot your smartphone and let it load into normal mode.
4. You will then be able to use the CWM Recovery to install custom ROMs and other files that will further enable you to customize your Note II.

Note: In case ODIN fails during the installation or freezes up, disconnect your Note II from the computer, remove its batter and reinsert it after about 5-10 seconds and repeat the same process.

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