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    I really like the look and feel of the Galaxy Note II, but is it really worth the cost? I have been waiting for it to come down a little or maybe have a rebate offer because right now it is still $300 with a 2 year service agreement. Is it really that much better than any of the other phones out there for the price?

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    Re: Is Note II worth the cost?

    I guess that depends if you want a phone with a very large screen or not
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    Re: Is Note II worth the cost?

    I do believe the original note was also $299 when it was released.
    But yes I do hope it starts at $199.

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    Re: Is Note II worth the cost?

    I have the iPhone 4S before I got my Note II and at first I thought it was too big, but it's actually not. Once you get used to it, the other phones are just too small! I've had my Note II for 2 months now and I say it's really worth it. You can do so many things and I can be very productive with this phone. Web browsing is really easy because the text size is just right and the pictures/videos are easy to look at . I'm loving it everyday! It can actually do so many things for its cost

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