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    Setting Up Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Email

    1. From the Home screen, tap Email.
    2. Or, if the Email shortcut is no longer on the home screen, tap Apps -> then tap Email.
    3. In the designated fields, enter the Email address and Password -> tap Next.
    4. If you already have an email account set up on your Samsung Galaxy S4, tap the Menu key -> then tap Settings -> tap the plus sign icon (+) to add another account.
    5. Your smartphone will now attempt to set up the email account automatically. If it manages to find the settings, tap the desired Account options -> then tap Next -> name your account -> tap Next. The email account will be set up.
    6. However, if the settings are not found, tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
      Note: You should contact your email provider or company email administrator to verify if the Exchange server settings are correct.
    7. If the setup failed to search the Exchange server automatically, tap Edit details to enter settings manually.
    8. Tap Domain/username and Exchange server and enter the necessary information.
    9. The password should be automatically populated from previous steps.
    10. Check or uncheck Use secure connection (SSL) and Use client certificate, as required -> then tap Next.
    11. Read the Activation notice if prompted -> then tap OK.
    12. Make the desired synching settings.
    13. When finished, tap Next.
    14. Name your Exchange account -> tap Done.

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    Re: Set Up Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Email for Your Samsung Galaxy S4

    when I try to setup my email I get "unable to open connection to server. security error ocurred." any ideas how to fix this?? The settings I am using worked on my old phone(iphone) and on any computer but will not work on my S4. getting very frustrated!?!?!?

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