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    Have you just purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 and want to transfer your iPhone (iPhone 3GS, 4, 4s or iPhone 5) contacts to it?

    First of all you have to sync your iPhone contacts with Google Contacts, so in case you don’t have a Google Account created just yet, sign up and then we’re good to go.

    After your Gmail account has been created, it’s going to be really easy to move your contacts to pretty much any smartpone, but this tutorial will teach you how to transfer your files from an iPhone to the Galaxy S4.

    First, follow the next steps to learn how export your iPhone contacts to the Google Account:

    1. Connect your iPhone to your PC via the USB cable.
    2. Open iTunes -> select your iPhone.
    3. Under the Info tab click to Sync Contacts with Google Contacts.
    4. You will then be prompted to enter your Gmail information -> in the designated fields enter your Username and Password.
    5. Now you just need to wait a little bit for both accounts to sync.
    6. When the synchronization is is complete, go to and log in to your Google account.
    7. Then select select Gmail -> click Contacts.
    8. You can now check to see if all your iPhone contacts have been successfully synched.

    But there’s another way to transfer your contacts to a Google, that is by using iCloud -> to back up your information on iCloud, follow the next steps:

    1. Go to -> log in to your account.
    2. Click on Contacts – you will now see all the iPhone Contacts that you backed up on iCloud.
    3. If you want to select all the contacts, press Ctrl +A -> click the Settings icon located at the bottom left side of the screen and choose to Export to vCard…
    4. Now you will need to log in to your Gmail Account.
    5. Click Gmail -> select Contacts -> and click Import Contacts…
    6. You’ll see a prompt -> click Import and then import your contacts using the vCard.

    Managing Your Duplicate Contacts

    After synching the contacts, it’s possible to have some duplicates. If you don’t want to manually merge them on your Samsung Galaxy S4, you can do it much faster on your computer by following the next steps:

    1. Open your Gmail account -> click Contacts -> click More ->select Find & merge duplicates…
    2. Then you will see a page with the duplicate names -> select the ones that you want to merge and click Merge.

    Restoring Your Contacts on the Samsung Galaxy S4

    To finally transfer your iPhone contacts to the Samsung Galaxy S4, you just need to sign in with the same Google Account and then sync your smartphone. To do so, follow the next tutorial:

    1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
    2. Then select Settings -> go to the Accounts tab and tap Add account -> select Google -> tap Existing.
    3. In the Email and Password fields, enter the necessary information and tap the Next arrow.
    4. Read Google’s Terms of Service and if you agree tap OK.
    5. You can also add a payment account for the Play Store. You can tap Set up credit card and follow the on-screen prompts or tap Not now to continue without adding a payment account.
    6. Check or uncheck if you want to have your smartphone backed up with Google (it’s recommended to check to keep the phone backed up with Google).
    7. Your Google account has been added to your SGS4.
    8. To select specific syncing settings for your Google account and sync your contacts, tap Google -> tap the Google account name you’ve just added -> select the desired synching options, but make sure to check Sync Contacts.
    9. When done, press the Back key.
    10. Your Google account has now been synched and in a few minutes your contacts should be transferred to your new smartphone.

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    Re: Transfer Your Contacts from an iPhone (3GS, 4, 4s or 5) to the Samsung Galaxy S4

    Great article. Thanks.

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    Re: Transfer Your Contacts from an iPhone (3GS, 4, 4s or 5) to the Samsung Galaxy S4

    That's a bit complicated for beginner, you may probably use a phone transfer to transfer phone contacts instead.
    check the tutorial here:
    It may provide you some help.
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