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    There are several things that can cause your Galaxy SII to fail to charge...

    1. Check the charging port and the charger's connector - are they dirty? Clean them with a small tool
    2. Check the contacts between the battery and the phone - are they dirty? Clean them with a cue tip and rubbing alcohol
    3. The charger itself may be damaged - try a different charger or buy a new one
    4. The battery may be bad - does it get hotter than normal? Is it bulging? - get a new one

    If you get a yellow triangle with an exclamation point over the battery level icon when plugging the phone in to the charger, this means the battery is bad or you do not have a Samsung battery installed.

    If the above still doesn't work then there is an issue with the phone. You'll either have to take it to a cell phone shop or get a new one.

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