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    I recently got the chance to try out the Musubo Mummy case for the Galaxy SIII.

    Here are some pictures of the case:
    Musubo Mummy Case review for the Galaxy SIII-61tquu64vvl._sy300_.jpg Musubo Mummy Case review for the Galaxy SIII-61e2vjl5pel._sx300_.jpg Musubo Mummy Case review for the Galaxy SIII-61spnmjb1xl._sx300_.jpg Musubo Mummy Case review for the Galaxy SIII-71xlfs-6ztl._sx300_.jpg

    Included in the fancy hard plastic box is the case and a black stand for the phone (pictured above). The case is a glossy bright white and has a texture on the back that mimics the wrappings of a mummy. It is made from a semi-hard rubber that feels good in your hands. A small lip rises above the phone screen slightly to protect it and hold the phone in place in the case. The fit is perfect. Unlike some phone cases, it's not too thin and not too thick, although you will notice the extra bulk in your pocket. It's definitely not going to break or tear anytime soon.

    The volume and power/sleep buttons are covered, which requires you to press a little harder than you normally would, but I didn't find this to be a problem.

    The only thing I didn't like about this case was after two weeks of use I could see some blue from my jeans rubbing off on it. If you don't keep your phone in your pocket or don't wear blue jeans often I doubt you'll have this problem. Otherwise, I would recommend it!

    It is available on for $34.99: MUSUBO MU11017WE Mummy Case for Samsung I9300/L710/I535/T999/I747/Galaxy SIII - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - White: Cell Phones & Accessories

    There is also a black, red, and purple cases available for a little less.

    See More: Musubo Mummy Case review for the Galaxy SIII
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