Capturing a Screenshot

You have two easy ways of capturing screenshots. The first one would be to:

  1. Press both the Home key and the Power/Lock key at the same time.
  2. The screenshot will then be copied to the clipboard and saved in Gallery -> Screenshots.

You can also take a screenshot using motion gestures, as your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active features a gesture that enables you to palm swipe to capture screenshot.

  1. Turn this feature on by going to the Home screen -> press the Menu key -> tap Settings -> tap My Device -> tap Motions and gestures -> tap Palm motion and make sure the slider is turned to ON -> then turn the Capture screen slider to ON as well.
  2. To capture a screenshot using motion gesture, touch the screen with the side of your hand and simply swipe across from right to left or left to right.
  3. Your screenshot will be coped to the clipboard and then saved in Gallery -> Screenshots.

Accessing the Camera from the Lock Screen

You first need to set your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active to access the camera app directly from the Lock screen:

  1. Go to the Home screen and press the Menu key -> tap Settings -> tap My device -> tap Lock screen.
  2. You can also tap Multiple widgets if you’d like to turn on multiple lock screen widgets.
  3. Now tap the Lock screen widgets -> tap the Favorite apps or Camera switch to ON -> then tap Favorite apps or Camera -> select Camera to enable this widget to access the camera.
  4. To save and exit this screen, press the Back key.
  5. Now, from the Lock screen, swipe your finger to left and the camera app will open.

Using Speed Dials

  1. From the Home screen, tap Phone.
  2. Press the Menu key -> tap Speed dial setting.
  3. Select the desired speed dial location from the list (you have 99 locations available) -> then select the desired contact from the contacts list.
  4. When placing a call, dial the first digit of the speed dial number -> then press and hold the last digit to start the call. For example, to call the speed dial number 35, tap 3 and then tap and hold 5.
  5. To edit a speed dial location already assigned, tap and hold that particular speed dial location -> then tap Replace.

Note: The only speed dial location that cannot be reassigned is speed dial location 1, which is reserved for Voicemail.

Call Answering and Ending Options

  1. From the Home screen, tap Phone.
  2. Then press the Menu key -> tap Call settings -> tap Answering/ending calls.
  3. Tap The Home key answers calls to set you Samsung Galaxy S4 Active to answer calls using the Home key.
  4. To set your smartphone to end calls using the Power/Lock key, check The power key ends calls.
  5. Additionally, if you activate Voice control you can answer or reject calls with your voice.
  6. To enable this feature, check Voice control.

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