This tutorial will teach you how to transfer your contacts to a Windows PC via Microsoft Outlook or the Windows Address Books or Mac Address Book for Mac.

Syncing Outlook Contacts via Samsung Kies

  1. You first need to download and install the Samsung Kies software.
  2. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active to the computer via an USB cable.
  3. Open Kies.
  4. Then click the Sync tab located at the top of the screen.
  5. Check the Synch contacts with checkbox and from the drop-down menu select Outlook or Windows Contacts.
  6. Now select All contacts if you would like to sync all the contacts. Otherwise, click Selected Contacts folder to sync the contacts available in a certain contacts folder in Outlook.
  7. Click Syncing Direction and choose the desired option (you can select to Apply to both device and Outloook, Apply to device only or Apply to Outlook only).
  8. Next, make sure you check the Sync the Outlook category with the contact group of the device option.
  9. When finished, click the Sync button located at the top right side of the screen to sync the contacts.

Tip: You can also set your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active to automatically sync your contacts whenever you connect it to Kies. To do so, click the Basic information tab -> check the Sync automatically when device is connected option.

Exporting Contacts from Outlook

If your contacts are saved in Outlook, you can transfer them to your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active to a .csv file (comma-separated value) and then import the contacts to your Google Account and sync them to your smartphone.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Then click File -> click Options -> click Advanced -> click Export.
  3. Click Export to a file -> then click Next -> click Comma Separated Values (Windows) -> select the Contacts folder you would like to export your contacts from -> name the contacts file and then click Browse to select a location where you would like to save the file.
  4. If you have custom fields in your contacts, click Map Custom fields and select how would you like the export to handle them.
  5. When done, tap Finish.

Exporting Contacts from the Address Book (Mac)

In case your contacts are saved in the Mac Address Book, you can export them to a vCard file (or .vfc), import the contacts to the Google Account and then sync them to your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

  1. Open Address Book.
  2. Then flick File located at the top left corner of the screen -> click Export -> click Export vCard.
  3. Name your export file and select the location where you would like to save it -> then click Save.

Importing Contacts to Your Google Account

  1. Open your Gmail inbox.
  2. Then click the Gmail option located at the left side of the screen and select Contacts.
  3. Click More -> click Import.
  4. Then click the Browse… icon and select the .csv file you created in the previous steps -> click Import.
  5. To sync the contacts to your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, tap Apps -> tap Settings -> tap Google -> tap your Google Account to edit the syncing settings and check Sync Contacts.
  6. Your contacts will then be imported to your smartphone.

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