Master Resetting Your Device via the Settings Menu:

WARNING: A master reset will result in deletion of all your personal data (ringtones, images, contacts, apps etc) that has been stored on the device's internal storage. Master resetting will not delete SIM card or SD card contents.

  1. If necessary, back up the data on your internal memory (you can find a guide on how to do that here)
  2. While on the home screen, press the "Menu" button on your device
  3. Tap "Settings"
  4. Select "Back up and reset"
  5. Optionally, unmark the checkboxes associated with "Automatic restore" and "Back up my data"
  6. Tap "Factory data reset"
  7. Press "Reset device"
  8. If you have PIN or password lock screen enabled, you will be prompted to input these security options. Tap "Continue"
  9. Tap "Delete all" to start the process

Master Resetting Using Hardware Keys:

WARNING: Same as with software master resetting, "hard resetting" will wipe all the data that has been saved on your device's internal storage, but will leave the content of your SIM and SD cards unaltered. Use this resetting method if your phone is frozen / unresponsive or can't boot up completely.

  1. Back up your data if necessary
  2. Turn off your handset
  3. Press and hold the "Volume Up", "Home" and "Power" keys on your device at the same time
  4. After your phone vibrates, release the "Power" key but continue to press the "Home" and "Volume Up" keys
  5. After the "Android System Recovery" screen appears, release the "Volume Up" and "Home" keys
  6. Tap the "Volume Down" button on your device in order to highlight the "wipe data / factory reset" option
  7. Press the "Power" button to select the aforementioned option
  8. Press the "Volume Down" key in order to highlight "delete all user data"
  9. Tap the "Power" button to select the option. The resetting process should now commence
  10. Once the master reset is complete, the message "Reboot system now" will appear on the display. Press the "Power" button to restart the device

Wiping Cache Partition:

Assuming that your phone is not working properly, it's sluggish, it freezes etc. and your final solution would be master resetting the device, then you might want to try and wipe the cache partition first. This method will clear various parts on your smartphone's internal storage, but unlike master resetting, your saved data will not be deleted. To wipe the cache partition:

  1. Turn off your smartphone
  2. Press and hold the "Volume Up", "Home" and "Power" keys on your device, at the same time
  3. Once your handset vibrates, release the "Power" button but keep pressing the other two
  4. As soon as the "Android System Recovery" screen appears, release the "Home" and "Volume Up" keys as well
  5. Press the "Volume Down" button to highlight the "wipe cache partition" option
  6. Press the "Power" button to confirm your selection
  7. Highlight (if necessary) the "reboot system now" option then press the "Power" button to restart your handset

Enabling and Using Safe Mode:

Safe mode allows you to boot up your device with all of your third-party apps being disabled. This is a great method of removing an application that may have caused issues with the software, preventing you from turning on your device in "normal mode" To enable safe mode:

  1. Turn your handset off
  2. Press and hold the "Power" button on your device
  3. Once the "SGH-T599" message appears on-screen, release the "Power" key and then immediately press and hold the "Volume Down" button
  4. Keep holding the "Volume Down" key until the handset has completely restarted
  5. Once your smartphone boots up, a "Safe mode" should be present in the bottom-left corner of the display. This is an indicator that you have indeed enabled save mode. Once you see this message, you can release the "Volume Down" button

Uninstalling Third Party Apps in Safe Mode:

  1. While on the home screen, press the "Menu" button
  2. Tap "Settings" > "Application manager"
  3. Swipe right until you reach the "Downloaded" screen
  4. Select the desired application, then tap "Uninstall" and "OK" to confirm

Disabling Safe Mode:

To disable safe mode, simply restart your smartphone:

  1. Press and hold the "Power" button
  2. Tap "Reset" then "OK" to confirm

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