If you are experiencing low battery life on your device, this may be cause by various factors. Try the following tips and tricks in order to conserve battery life and figure out which feature affects the battery on your device the most.

Reducing Backlight Brightness and Backlight Timeout:

  1. While on the home screen, press the "Menu" button on your device
  2. Press "Settings"
  3. Tap "Display"
  4. Select "Brightness"
  5. Tap and unmark the checkbox associated with "Automatic brightness"
  6. Drag the slider to the left in order to decrease brightness and then tap "OK"
  7. Tap "Screen timeout"
  8. Select a lower value and then press the "Home" button to return to the home screen

Switching from Live Wallpapers:

Depending on how they have been coded or how graphically intensive they are, some live wallpapers may drain your handset's battery faster than others. To change from a live wallpaper:

  1. Press the "Menu" key on your device while viewing a home screen
  2. Select "Set wallpaper"
  3. Tap "Home screen"
  4. Select "Wallpapers"
  5. Browse through the gallery, view the image that you wish to set, and then tap "Set wallpaper"

Disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

While not in use, it is highly recommended that you disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in order to maximize battery life. To disable these features:

  1. While on the home screen, press the "Menu" key
  2. Tap "Settings"
  3. Tap the switch associated with "Wi-Fi" and "Bluetooth", and bring them in the "off" position if necessary

Using "Smart Mode" for Wi-Fi Connections:

Smart Mode is able to remember the locations where you have spent the most time, and then turns on Wi-Fi when near those places. With Smart Mode enabled, your phone will automatically connect to these known networks. To enable Smart Mode:

  1. Tap the "Menu" key while on the home screen
  2. Go to "Settings"
  3. Tap "Smart mode" and then tap the switch associated with this feature in order to bring it in the "On" position

Disabling GPS:

GPS is one of the main power drainers when leaved enabled. It is highly recommended that you disable GPS when not in use. To do so:

  1. Press the "Menu" key while viewing the home screen
  2. Tap "Settings"
  3. Under "Personal", tap "Location services"
  4. Unmark the checkbox associated with "Use GPS satellites"
  5. Press the "Home" button to return to the home screen

Stopping Running Applications:

  1. While on the home screen, tap and hold the "Home" button on your device
  2. Touch and drag the desired application to the right or left in order to close it. Repeat the process with other applications
  3. To close all applications, tap "Task manager" > "End all" and then press "OK"

Setting Your Device to Sync Less Information or Less Often:

  1. While on the home screen, press the "Menu" button
  2. Tap "Settings"
  3. Select the desired account type (For instance, Google)
  4. Tap the desired account
  5. Mark or unmark the checkboxes associated with the desired sync options, then press the "Back" key twice

Disabling Haptic Feedback:

  1. Press the "Menu" button while on the home screen and go to "Settings"
  2. Scroll down to and tap "Sound"
  3. Unmark the checkboxes associated with "Vibrate when ringing" and "Haptic feedback"

Setting Up and Enabling Power Saving Mode:

When enabled, Power Saving Mode automatically disables certain features in order to maximize battery life.

  1. From the home screen, tap the "Menu" key
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Tap "Power saving mode"
  4. Enable Power saving mode by bringing the feature's switch in the "On" position
  5. Tap the following options to enable or disable them individually:

    • CPU power saving: when enabled it downgrades the CPU in order to consume less power. This will also reduce your phone's overall performance, though video playback and browsing will not be affected
    • Screen power saving: when enabled, the screen will use a lower brightness level and will also use a reduced frame refresh rate
    • Turn off Haptic feedback: disables vibrations for screen touches

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