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    I've been having this really annoying problem lately. "Unfortunately Index Service has stopped" pops up and then everything freezes. I have no idea why. It happens every 5 min or so! What the crap is going on!?

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    Re: Galaxy Note 3: "IndexService has stopped" followed by freezing

    You sure are having a lot of issues with your Note 3!

    This is related to the samsung search indexing process. Do you have a large (32 or 64gb?) micro SD card that is full of photos or PDF files? It may be because the phone is having trouble going through all these files or one of them is corrupt. Try removing or unmounting the card and see if that solves the issue. If it does try this:

    Format the SD card in the phone:
    1. Copy all files to your computer
    2. Return the SD card to the phone
    3. Go to Settings > Storage > Format SD card.
    4. And then do it again. Yes, format the SD card twice.
    5. Copy files back to the SD card and return it to the phone

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