One of the main features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is the handset's camera. Below you will find a detailed explanation on how camera modes work on this particular smartphone.

Viewfinder Legend

Learning About the Camera Modes:

The SGS4 Zoom features many camera modes that can help you optimize your shots depending on the lighting conditions and more.

Open the "Camera" app, and on the viewfinder screen, tap the "Mode" button to access the following settings:

  • Auto: let the camera adjust the color and brightness
  • Smart: allows you to set various camera modes depending on the subject, or type of photo that you wish to capture:
    • Smart mode suggest: use this feature to capture photos using a suggested camera mode
    • Beauty face: this mode allows you to take photo with lightened faces
    • Best photo: this mode will capture multiple shots in a very short time. Press the "Shutter" button and once the "Gallery" opens, tap and hold the photos that you wish to save, then tap "Done"
    • Continuous shot: this will take photos continuously (4 shots per second)
    • Best face: using this mode you can take multiple shots of a group, and then combine these shots to create the best possible image
    • Kids shot: Use this to play a sound to attract a child's attention when taking the photo
    • Landscape: emphasizes on landscape and sky by making the greens and blues more intense
    • Dawn: this mode emphasizes on dawn skies, making blues more intens
    • Snow: this mode emphasizes the brightness of snow by making the white more intense
    • Macro: use this mode when taking photos of close objects
    • Food: this mode emphasizes the vivid colors of food
    • Party / Indoor: use this mode to capture photos indoor
    • Action freeze: this will allow you to capture fast action photos
    • Rich tone: with this mode enabled, you can take and merge photos with various exposures, producing soft images with rich color
    • Panorama: take panoramic pictures. Follow the on-screen instructions
    • Waterfall: this mode uses long exposures, allowing you to take photos of flowing water. (This mode works best when using a camera tripod)
    • Animated photo: Allows you to create an animated shot
    • Drama: takes a series of photos of moving objects, then merges them together into an image
    • Eraser: saves the best 5 pictures taken and removes any passers by
    • Sound & shot: you can take a photo alongside a small audio recording
    • Silhouette: take photos of silhouettes using backlight
    • Sunset: makes colors more intense
    • Night: uses flash and enhances low-light condition shooting
    • Fireworks: enables long exposure for when you photo fireworks
    • Light trace: use this mode at night to enable long exposures and capture light trails
  • Expert: This allows you to manually adjust various options, including the aperture value, exposure, ISO sensitivity and shutter speed:
    • C (Color Wizard) mode: Allows you to take photos and manually adjusting the color balance, saturation, sharpness and contrast
    • P (Program) mode: Use this mode to take photos using optimal exposure values resulting from automatic adjustments to aperture and shutter speed
    • M (Manual) mode: This mode is for controlled environments, such as at night or in studios. This mode gives you full manual control over exposure, aperture value and shutter speed
  • My Mode: this allows you to register your favorite shooting modes (up to 5) and select them whenever you want

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