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    Contact Management

    Adding a New Contact:

    1. While on the home screen, tap the "Contacts" icon
    2. Tap the "Add contact" icon depicting a "+" sign next to a human figure
    3. At the "Save contact to" prompt, select either "Device", "SIM" or the name of an account
    4. Tap the "Image" frame to associate the contact with a photo. Then, select either : "Image", "Pictures by people", "Take picture" or "S Memo"
    5. Tap the "Name" field and enter a name for the contact. You can tap the "arrow down" button to add an additional name field
    6. Tap the "Phone number" field and enter the contact's phone number. You can select the type of number it is by pressing the appropriate drop-down menu. NOTE: you can add an additional number field by pressing the "+" icon
    7. Enter any additional details as you see fit, such as Email
    8. When ready, tap "Save"

    Adding Pauses to Contact Numbers:

    While calling automated systems, you are oftentimes required to enter a password or account number etc. Instead of manually adding these numbers whenever you make these calls, you can actually store these numbers in your Contacts, along with special characters that are called "pauses"

    To add a pause to an existing contact:

    1. Tap "Contacts" while on the home screen
    2. Select the name or number of a contact
    3. Tap the "Edit" button depicted as a pencil
    4. Tap the phone number field
    5. Tap the screen where the pause or "wait" needs to be added, then tap the "Sym" button
    6. Press "Pause" to add a two-second pause, or tap "Wait" to add a wait. Use the keypad to enter additional numbers. NOTE: a pause will be displayed as a comma, whereas a wait will be displayed as a semi-colon
    7. Tap "Save" to save the changes. Otherwise, tap "Cancel" to discard the changes

    Editing a Contact:

    1. Access the "Contacts" app
    2. Press and hold the contact that you wish to edit
    3. Tap "Edit"
    4. Press any field that you wish to edit
    5. When ready, tap "Save"

    Group Management

    Adding a Contact to a Group:

    1. While on the home screen, tap "Contacts"
    2. Press and hold the desired contact and then tap "Add to group"
    3. Select a group entry and tap "Save"

    Removing a Contact From a Group:

    1. While on the home screen, tap "Contacts"
    2. Go to "Groups"
    3. Select a group entry
    4. Tap the "menu" button and select "Remove member"
    5. Tap the contacts that you wish to remove from the group
    6. Tap "Done"

    NOTE: the contacts will only be removed from the group, but they will not be deleted from your address book

    Creating a New Group:

    1. Open the "Contacts" application
    2. Tap "Groups" > "Menu" > "Create"
    3. Enter a name for the group in the "Group name" field
    4. Tap "Group ringtone" if you wish to assign a ringtone to the group
    5. Tap "Message alert" to select an alert tone for members in the group
    6. Tap "Vibration pattern" if you wish to select a vibration pattern. (You can choose an existing pattern, or tap "Create" and follow the on-screen instructions to create a new pattern)
    7. Tap "Add member" to add contacts to the group. Then, tap "Done"
    8. Tap "Save" when you're ready to save the new group

    Editing a Group:

    1. In the "Contacts" app, tap "Groups"
    2. Select a group
    3. Tap "Menu" > "Edit group"
    4. Make the necessary changes, then tap "Done"
    5. Tap "Save" to save the changes

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: Adding and Editing Contacts and Contact Groups

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: Adding and Editing Contacts and Contact Groups

    Thanks for the instructions!

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